Liberty University Psychology Essay




Directions: Read the assigned chapters and click on the above tab entitled, “Create Journal Entry,” to journal on the questions below. Your answers should reflect two elements: critical thinking and the integration and personal application of each chapter to your life. Your entire journal entry should be 2 pages per question (4 pages total). (APA format not needed).

1.Allender states, “Our passion moves us to choose one path over another, and it is as unique as a fingerprint.” Explore your own passion:

  • What moves you most deeply?
  • What do you most enjoy doing?
  • Where do you find the greatest pleasure and joy?
  • What is it about this activity, idea or person that brings you such a sense of life?

2.Allender states that, “all passion is founded on pain, grown through risk, and marked by the decisions we make in the face of tragedy.” What tragedies from your past set into motion the plot of your life?


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