Marketing Business Opportunities by Geography Question

Topic: Choose any one topic

Retail business opportunities by geography and customer segments

Retail business opportunity for luxury goods

  1. Use the format provided.
    ? Limit up to 3 pages of write-up, one page for the summary, one for the
    inference, and one for sharing the news article.
    ? Use Arial 12-point font as specified in the template.
    ? Attach the downloaded article as well as include the weblink in the write-
    up. You may attach a picture of the article whose size you may adjust so
    that it fits the space available.
    ? Replace the placeholder picture on the title page to reflect the essence of
    the news article.
  2. The assignment will be judges based on the rubric provided. Make sure you
    cover the following three criteria:
    ? Relevance to the assignment topic: Find an article which has very specific
    information related to the topic. For example, if the assignment topic is
    “Demographics,” the news item should specify different age, income,
    education – topics that are covered under demographics and their impact
    on business in that country.
    ? Inferences: Now that you have an example of how “Demographics”
    influence the business in that country draw a parallel connecting the
    theory covered that week and the news article.
    ? Grammar, spellings, and writing comprehension: Please check for any
    errors, ensure clarity and logical flow in your writing


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