marketing campaign slide assignment b

In Week 7, you will submit your complete slide deck as Assignment 2, Part B. Be sure to implement the suggested revisions from your professor, to improve your draft slides. Also apply the lessons learned from Part A to the remaining slides that you create. The professor’s feedback will help you to create a polished and professional presentation. Assignment 2, Part B is due by Sunday, midnight of Week 7.

professor notes: thanks very much for your hard work on your marketing campaign proposal for Cisco routers. You made very good use of the template which ensures we don’t forget to include anything of importance. You correctly followed the template instructions and exhibited strategic thinking. I have just a couple of recommendations for you to consider:

1. Marketing Goal #2 is not a SMART goal – remember, a smart goal needs to include “how many” and “by what date.” The other goals met this criterion. 

2. Marketing Messages – it would have been ok to have included some images here, but not required.

3. References – before you submit Part B in Week 7, make sure to include some of the course readings, HBR articles, videos, a reference from Godin and Kotler, etc

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