Marketing Decision Maker Recommendations Paper

For your Executive Case Analyses, please use the format indicated below. You should think in terms of a brief interview with the decision-maker. What does s/he have to know?

1.Issue Identification/Relevant Background Information:The initial paragraph should precisely state what you see as thepriorityissue to be addressedand why. If more than one issue is presented, then the issues should be identified in priority orderand some indication of why this is the priority. Cases usually give away the issue, but you should read and think critically whether the obvious is truly the priority.What does the decision maker have to decide and why? Be careful to separate symptoms from issues. The issue is something that must be dealt with. Symptoms must be monitored as they could become issues, but are not yet issues.

2.Options Available/AnalysisYour analysis should identify potential ways to address the identified issue. Each different option produces alternative strategies, tactics and results. Which choice is “best” depends on your analysis of how the option fits/plays out qualitatively and quantitatively. Part of the options analysis would be the financials (in the appendix) and compelling pros/cons might be useful in the paper and can certainly be in an appendix.

3.Recommendation: You must make a final recommendation of what you think the company should do. Be decisive and persuasive. Pick one specific option and make the case for it. It must tie to the issue[s] you identified as primary. Where applicable, refer tosupporting calculations. Briefly outline the tactical elements of implementation (VP for whom and 4 P’s).

Some general guidelines for effective business summary are:

• The first consideration is the issue. Many situations have a variety of symptoms and issues and the decision maker has to prioritize what must be addressed. You do not need to agree with the case writer, but should identify what you feel is the most important decision in the case situation.

• Your analysis should have a logical flow indicating why your recommendations are correct. This requires organizing your information around the particular questions you want to answer and points you want to make. Do Not Rehash the Case!!!! Make decisions about the important information to present. Cite case facts and details only to the extent they are relevant to your argument.

• Focus your recommendations on what you’ve identified as the important issues in the case. Make your assumptions explicit whenever necessary.

• Recommendations should be practical, cost-effective, and appropriate to the timing (short-term or long-term) of the problem at hand. Your recommendations should address the issues you have identified up front in the same priority, i.e., the #1 recommendation should address the #1 issue.

• Exhibits should be readable without reference to the text. Use headings, labels, footnotes and graphics appropriately so the reader can understand what is in an exhibit. If you are performing calculations on data, use a footnote to indicate how you are performing the calculation.


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