marketing plan 136


  1. Prepare a Marketing Plan related to your Strategic Plan. Consider the Four “P”s of Marketing.
  2. Include correct use of APA Style Guidelines with:
    1. Market share analysis
      1. Competition (8 points)
      2. Payor mix (and any changes that would have to be made) (8 points)
    2. What is the product you are promoting?
      1. What activities are to be promoted? (11 points)
      2. Who is to do the promotion activities (9 points)
      3. What are the time frames? (9 points)
    3. What markets are being targeted? (20 points)
    4. How will you know the marketing plan is effective? i.e. Outcome measures or controls (20 points)
    5. Identify one to two items that could cause disruption of your plan e.g. Main physician support leaves area (5 points)
    6. Scholarly paper written in APA 6th edition; 4-5 pages minimum excluding title page and reference page (10 points)
  3. Please review the Sample Assignment located in the Resources folder on the left-side Course Menu.- attached
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