marketing research on pulse candy sustaining the brand differentiation

Please see following questions based on pulse candy sustaining the brand differentiation. CASESTUDY

Use Porter’s Five Forces Analysis framework to analyze the confectionery industry in India.

Pulse was launched after test marketing in a few cities.  How important is test marketing in the confectionery industry?  Did the test marketing delay the national launch of Pulse?

  1. What are the main challenges for marketers of sugar confectionery products in India, and how can one overcome these challenges?
  2. How successful is Pulse? Critically evaluate its marketing program.
  3. Using the example of Pulse, explain how the customer’s path to choosing a product has changed with the advent of social media.
  4. Do you think the Pulse innovation provides the company with a long-term differentiation strategy?
  6. Note :

– 2.5 pages including all answers of above questions 

-APA format (in-text citation and references )

-NO plagiarism 

-NO grammatical mistakes


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