Marketing Worksheet

Description of project

Provide a short description of the project

Our project will be describing how Horchata Latte will be successful in Mexico since Horchata is commonly known and drank in Mexico. We will also provide some challenges that could arise and how we will overcome them. The project will outline domestic and foreign competitors and how Kwik Trip may be able to surpass them in popularity and profitability.

Objectives (at least 50 words)

Explain the objectives of the project (what you wish to achieve).

We wish to bring the product Horchata Latte that is currently sold at Kwik Trips in the US to Mexico since Rice Horchata originates from Mexico. The project will focus on how implementing this twist on a domestic beverage will increase Kwik Trip’s popularity in Mexico and possibly in all Latin America.

this is our project plan

I want 3 scholarly paper review

country’s research, or market research, or competitive analysis, or company research, or product research,

Social, cultural, political, legal, regulatory, and economic analysis


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