Mass Media Communications Literacy Paper




There will be discussion questions posted four (4) times throughout the course. The mini essays posted in response to the discussion questions are part of the Gordon Rule writing assignments.  Each mini essay should contain 300 words for a total of 1,200 words toward the Gordon Rule requirements.

On the weeks marked for discussion (see the syllabus), the instructor will post one discussion question that serves as our class discussion. This is where you will add your experiences as well as additional sources to the topics of the week. Each original post is worth 5% of your final grade.

These posts are to be discussions and NOT reiterations of the material. You should bring original thoughts to the conversation and NOT simply summarize the information. Think critically and bring to light ideas and/or concepts that are new and share a different perspective.

Discussion Post Question:

As the Media Literacy textbook states, people do not typically prefer media messages that are too far removed from their own experiences.

What are the personal implications of this?

What are the social and cultural implications of this?

How can you engage with media in a more globally responsible way if the messages don’t align with your own cultural experiences?

  • Directions for each discussion mini-essay post:
  • Think critically about your answers and write thoughtful and insightful sentences.
  • Students are expected to: (1) originate their own post AND (2) respond to at least TWO additional classmate’s thread. Make sure you include the other classmate’s FULL NAME when responding.


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