matlab robotics toolbax.

simulation of classical arm-type robotics.
We have to use the DH parameters to model the robot in the robotics toolbox. Then, we have to figure out how to use the inverse kinematics solver to get joint angles. DH parameters that account for the TMS coil are attached in an excel file.

I started to do this in MATLAB but got a little stuck, mainly because I didn’t have enough time. You have to set up a robot model with the robot command, then use ikine to solve for inverse kinematics, but I wasn’t able to get it to fully work.

I wrote a VBA script that will take the output text file from BrainSight and put the data into a form that can be interpreted through LabVIEW. I could probably also make it work with MATLAB.

What you need to do: Look at the Robotics Toolbox and figure out how to model inverse kinematics for our robot. There is built-in help for a lot of the Robotics Toolbox stuff. There are some examples online as well. You’ll need an end-effector transform (4×4 matrix) in order to do the inverse kinematics. We essentially want to input an end effector matrix and get robot joint angles out.


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