MBA 3008 SU MOD 8 Advertising Services of A Company or Its Products Analysis

For your initial essay, deconstruct a brand’s meaning using all of the elements of brand strategy shown in Figure 11.4, the brand identity planning model. Specifically, describe the type of brand purpose and brand share, how you see the brand as offer, person, symbol, organization, and/or platform, and how the brand’s identity imprint reflects its offer in the market. Be sure to explain why you believe as you do about the brand’s meaning. For instance, if you are explaining the brand as a symbol, identify the signs that supported your interpretation of brand meaning.

Explain your answer in an essay of 500-1000 words (and you may include images if useful to support your claims and main points). In your replies, consider playing Devil’s Advocate based on your own interpretations of the brand and/or contributing further analyses along any of the levels of the brand identity planning model.


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