• Merging with another healthcare organization

Select a healthcare organization with which you are familiar and identify one

workplace issue or opportunity that it is experiencing. For example, a healthcare


• Becoming more green and eco-friendly

• Reducing costs

• Increasing productivity

• Enhancing customer satisfaction

• Improving employee satisfaction

• Preventing medical errors

• Merging with another healthcare organization

• Creating and opening a satellite facility.

Taking the role of a healthcare manager, outline the following aspects of the issue

or opportunity:

• Description of the workplace issue or opportunity (What you will solve)

• Describe the relevant stakeholders (Including your role as healthcare manager)

• Affect on the relevant stakeholders (How impacted)

• Call to Action (Your intended outcome): (A) Improve a work method, (B) Solve

productivity problems, or (C) Address issues of quality

I have the annotated  Bibliography already i will attach

1. Format = typewritten, double-spaced 2. Margins = one-inch on top, bottom, left, and right of each page 3. Font style/size = Times New Roman or Courier/12 point

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