meteorology activity


A .pdf with the Module 9 assignment can be found here: Module 9 Activity .pdf

Finishing the Activity #1 Only!!!!!

Module 9 Activity #1

Answer the following two questions in the text box below. Please include a link to your sources in order to receive credit (not including your sources will result in a “0”)

1. (2pts): Why don’t hurricanes typically impact California
2. (3pts): Describe one instance where a hurricane or tropical storm directly impacted California (note: I mean California the state in the USA… NOT Baja California in Mexico, which is regularly impacted by tropical storms and hurricanes).

Please include the sources you used to answer questions 1 and 2. I will not accept answers without the sources cited and the links included in your answer. You may use any citation style (MLA, APA, WTF, etc…) you like, but please be consistent. Again, I will NOT accept answers without the sources cited (meaning you’ll get a “0” for this portion of the activity).

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