Midterm Paper




Choose 4 of 6 and write about it, quantity is not as important as quality and details.


Midterm Study Guide

Four of the six questions will randomly be on the midterm exam. From the four you will choose two to write on. Using the text book and discussions answer the questions as thoroughly and detailed as possible.

  1. In detail, defend or oppose the following statement, “Natives were uncivilized heathen savages.”
  2. What impact did the explorers and natives discussed in chapter 5 have on each other and the European settlement of California? What role did geography play?
  3. Discuss secularization and the “Foreign Penetration of California.” How did they lead to the Mexican-American War?
  4. Discuss the California Gold Rush and its influence on the nation and California. What was the impact on the people of California and those that came during that period?
  5. Discuss the building of the transcontinental railroad. Include in your response an evaluation of Judah, the Big Four, struggles and successes, and the impact of building the railroad.
  6. Evaluate the economic development and social unrest in California from 1870-1900.
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