mkt 500 week 3 DQ

“Target Audiences” Please respond to the following:

• Many beginning marketing students make the mistake of assuming that some products can appeal to everyone. Pick a product that you believe has mass appeal and analyze .

• From the case study, suggest a marketing strategy that would enable Twitter to reach its goal of acquiring one billion end users. Support your suggested strategy with details about Twitter’s target audience compared to the audience of its closest competitors, Google and Facebook.

“Positioning” Please respond to the following:

• Pick a nonprofit organization with which you are familiar and believe the organization should be repositioned to serve its core clientele better or a new clientele altogether. Identify the organization, its current position, and your recommended reposition, including the existing or your proposed target audience for the recommendation.

• The Gulf of Mexico Coast’s tourist industry was devastated by the BP oil spill. Pick a specific Gulf location and explain how you would reposition this tourist area that invites and sells the value of the location to tourists

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