mkt501 module assignments 3 responses


1st Interactive Response:

Select one student’s post on perceived customer value and provide a real-world researched example to back-up one scenario presented in the discussion.

2nd Interactive Response:

Select another student’s post on endorser effects and share an ad campaign that works for you. Explore the reasons for the positive connection.

Each reply should be one paragraph in length (or about 150 words) and must be substantive in nature. Do not simply say “I agree” or “That is great.” Specify why and be detailed in your explanation. You may use research in your responses, but it is not required.

In your own words, respond to the discussion and comments of classmates. Grades will be based on effectual, concise, and interactive feedback. The excessive use of quotes will directly impact performance since this indicates a lack of comprehension and shows that you may not have mastered the concepts.

Third Responder: Respond to conversation provided.

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