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1. How costs are related to inventory? What are some methods to reduce inventory costs? What are the responsibilities of Aviation Maintenance Managers to sustain proper inventory levels? Please be specific with your response and share examples as appropriate.


2.  Materiel support is accountable for various pieces of materials, in which processes are key to ensure that each function is performed properly. Aircraft parts are expensive and if not inspected and handled properly, the part can be damaged that will cost the organization profits. In this third case study, you will design a parts inspection process. You will choose a component and write about what process to proceed once the component is received. The process will start when the part is received from the vendor to materiel support. The process will end when the technician places the component on the aircraft to allow the aircraft to resume its flight schedule commitments. The format will include the following:


  1. Introduction
2. Brief description of the component
3. Explain the steps of the process
4. Conclusion
5. References
6. Tables/Figures/Appendix

The case study will be submitted  in a 1- to 3-page essay. This case study needs to be verified for proper spelling and grammar and be prepared in APA format with a cover sheet containing: your name, name of component, course title, course number, semester and year, instructor’s name and date of submission.


3.    please place yourself in the perspective as an Aviation Maintenance Manager. 



1. Explain the functions of materiel.
2. Describe the purpose of the shipping and receiving area.
3. Outline the support functions of materiel management.
4. Summarize the sections of a stores facility.
5. Explain the additional support services of materiel management.
6. Describe the budget responsibility of the materiel department.

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