need these questions answered my homework is completed the completed graphs are attached All I need is questions answered.

    1. Report the results of the calculations you performed above.


    1. Which strain of E. coli exhibited the highest growth rate?


    1. Which strain of E. coli exhibited the lowest growth rate?


    1. Assuming that all five of the E. coli strains present a high toxicity danger to humans, which do you suppose would be the most manageable based upon growth? Why?


    1. Consider how you’ve modeled the growth of the E. coli strains using the concept of geometric sequence. Is this a realistic approach to modeling bacterial growth?


    1. What other factors do you think should be considered when modeling the growth of bacteria such as E. coli?


  1. Conduct an Internet search for research on E. coli. Look for information related to growth rate, environmental conditions conducive to growth, methods of controlling growth, etc.
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