needed after 12 h

2 pages





after you read the book Kliebard pp. 1 75


Week one you only have readings to do for tomorrow’s class. For this week, you will post a reflection to the discussion area under Questions and Contentions.


This posting is an analysis of the week’s readings.


You must post at lease a one page


My teacher sends it that to me now


On a weekly basis, beginning with Week 2, students will be responsible for submitting, via Black Board, their “Qs and Cs” for the week. More than just a review of the reading materials, “Qs and Cs” are reflections, syntheses, and opportunities to theorize about the week’s readings.


·What questions do they raise?


·At what points do you find the texts contentious to your perspective?


·Can you articulate your contention?


The readings are grouped together that readers might approach the topic from multiple points. However, there will be connections to be made between each reading.


·A Questions and Contentions that meets all requirements is lucid, thoughtful, exploratory and pertinent to the week’s topic as well as attendant to the links between the week’s readings.


·The “Qs and Cs” will be graded using a check mark (excellent 20), and “S” (satisfactory 15) and a “U” (unsatisfactory 0). They will be due each Monday at 11:59pm via the Discussion Board in Blackboard. . You will then be responsible for at least one response to each of your classmates original positing. (2 pages single spaced for each posting).





This is what teacher wants

needed after 12 h as max

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