needs this done asap


Exposure to IDE


•Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition.


•Use steps on Page 37-.40 to create a Project and Name it MyFirstProject, Win32 Console Application, C++ File(cpp), and type the code on page 40.


•Compile it, run it and make sure that it runs and generate the result.


•Modify the code to add another variable of your fruit choice and calculate the Fruit: Fruit=apple+ oranges+ lemon forexample; Also add another print statement depicting the following: “This program is written by your first and last name”


•Zip the project by using Windows Compress utility to submit your assignment in your individual forum. The zipped project file should have .zip extension.


Note: You can use another utility to zip your project as long as it has .zip extension at the end of it. Please also note that it is imperative that you complete this assignment properly. This will help you with your future assignments and Checkpoints in this class.


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