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*I have reposted this while waiting for a refund for the last answer. This assignment is now late, so I need this ASAP!!!”


In a 1 2 page paper, describe a conflict situation. Then, state what actually happened and review what could have happened if you used the “I” or “we” message instead. 


After you’ve completed the review of your situation, change these “you” messages into “I” or “we” messages. Watch this video if you need help  :

 You always say you’ll call, but you never do

You never listen to what I have to say.

You need to pick up your dirty clothes.

You embarrass me in front of your friends.


You may just list the sentence changes at the end of the paper, no special format required.


I have included a PDF on conflict so you have a basis to go on, but please do not use references in this assignment

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