Noncustodial Fathers Where Have They All Gone Discussion Paper

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Noncustodial Fathers – Where Have They All Gone?

Research has shown that the involvement of noncustodial fathers in the lives of their children can both reduce negative outcomes found in many never-married families and may actually increase positive outcomes. Thus, most agree that encouraging fathers to get involved with their children should be a goal of a society. Interestingly, many argue that many current social policies actually discourage father’s involvement in the process. After reading your text and conducting research on the web what factors do you feel keep many noncustodial fathers from being involved in their children’s lives?  What are the benefits to having both parents involved in the lives of their children?  Do you believe that the high rate of absent fathers in our society today is linked to our high rates of teenage pregnancies?  What can be done in your own community to encourage noncustodial fathers to become more involved?

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