Nursing has become an essential sector in healthcare provision.

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Question 1

Nursing has become an essential sector in healthcare provision. Nurses interact with patients for the longest time than any other healthcare professionals. They offer valuable insights as well as unique capabilities that make them formidable partners in care delivery. The advancement in the approach to care delivery is one factor calling for transformational leadership in the 21st century. Growth in technology and its increased adoption in the healthcare sector is another factor (Hauston, 2020). Transformational leadership is appropriate in managing these changes and focus them on increasing efficiency and reliability.

Question 2

A nursing unit has a high capacity for delivering quality when the leadership has a positive impact. The leader needs to have appropriate characteristics and traits to foster team spirit and motivation for the subordinates. The first characteristic is to lead by example; this works to build credibility and cultivate respect. Next, the nurse leader needs to be an excellent communicator, and this helps to draw the attention of the targeted group and for them to respond accordingly (Stanley, 2016). The leader also needs to empower the members of the nursing unit to help them develop a sense of ownership and a spirit of innovation. This should be coupled with a drive to motivate and inspire members of the nursing unit to realize their full potential.

Question 3

Transformational leadership is organized around an inspirational approach to influence individuals. Transformational leaders are accountable and set clear goals that guide the entire course of operation. Transactional leadership, on its part, is based on the notion that people become followers of the leader when they accept employment. In this leadership, employees are judged and motivated as per their performance. Complexity leadership works along with the premise that leaders’ key responsibility is to ensure that the attributes and preferences are aligned with the centralized goals of an organizational (Hauston, 2020). I think transformational leadership is the most effective to lead a nursing unit as it reflects key aspects of the contemporary organizational environment.


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