Nursing Health Career Research Paper




I. JOB DESCRIPTION • Describe the care/service provided by the healthcare professional  • Describe the limits of authority and responsibility – legislated “scope of practice” for  this health care career  • Describe the “Code of Ethics” for this health care occupation

II. EDUCATION /REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION • Describe the educational requirements for the profession/occupation  • Identify at least two different educational institutions/schools offering the program.  • State how much time it takes to complete the program  • Describe the approximate cost for each of the educational institutions  • What is the minimum degree or certification that can be earned for this health care  career?  • Identify the professional certification or registration required

III. JOB OUTLOOK AND EMPLOYMENT • What is the job availability for this profession? How many jobs are expected to  become available?  • Growth trends in the field: How much is the profession growing?  • Number of jobs advertised locally for example in the Sunday Herald or other  publication  • Is experience required for the jobs? How much? Explain.  • Salaries – Entry level and with experience  • Advancement opportunities, two or more, with or without additional education  5 HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 7/2021,DF)

IV. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES • Local, State or National Professional Organization and cost to join as a student.  • Professional journal with publication address and cost.  • Are Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) required for this profession? How many and  how often?  • Describe two or more ways (not course subjects), that members of a professional  organization can gain continuing education requirements and earn CEUs

V. HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW-“INNER-VIEW”  • Identify a health care professional in your chosen career.  • Conduct an interview with the health care professional (in-person by phone or virtually). • How would they describe a typical day at work?  • What advice would they give you as you enter the profession?  .

VI. REFLECTION / PERSONAL CAREER PLAN • Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession. What are your  attributes, experiences or influences?  • Describe your personal career plan. How do you plan to enter this field?  Include goals, objectives and strategies.

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