NYITMC Attitudes and Organizational Behavior Discussion

Chapter 1. What is Organizational Behavior?, Diversity in Organizations, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

1.  Most of the research in Organizational Behavior has been concerned with  three attitudes: job satisfaction, job involvement, and organizational  commitment. Explain the difference between these attitudes?
2. Jeff  is a new designer for an engineering firm. He earns $75,000 a year. He  must be at the office Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. His wife  attends all their children’s school events. His job is stressful, and if  a project is due, he often works weekends and sometimes holidays,  although from home. How would you compare Clara and Jeff’s levels of job  satisfaction? Describe how you would measure their satisfaction and  name at least three major job attitudes that play a part in each of  their satisfaction levels
3. What is your position on diversity in  the workplace? How would you describe your attitude toward diversity? Be  detailed in your analysis.


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