observational studies 2

  1. In a six paragraph essay, write out in your own words a unified account incorporating each of the following:
    1. Paragraph #1: Define an observational study.
    2. Paragraph #2: Explain the main types of observational studies.
    3. Paragraph #3: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these observational studies.
    4. Paragraph #4: Give examples of which statistics are useful to look at and which statistics are there to mislead people in these observational studies.
    5. Paragraph #5: Summarize how to interpret mainstream research.
    6. Paragraph #6: Explain why people shouldn’t trust observational studies.
  2. From the two articles posted in the Key Points for Week 8, choose only one correlational claim from the ones you found interesting in the readings and use the four critical questions to fully analyze and evaluate the claim. Be sure to answer the four basic CRITICAL QUESTIONS:
    1. What is being claimed?
    2. How good is the evidence?
    3. What other information is relevant?
    4. Are relevant fallacies avoided?


  3. https://www.builtlean.com/2013/09/03/fitness-nutrition-research/

This should be a 4 page paper in total.

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