Operations Management Assignment

Choose an organisation/ business/ company and considering the following areas related to operations within the organisation, discuss the operations of the organisation, strengths, constraints, and make recommendations for improvement.

Here are some suggested areas you may consider but the list is not exhaustive and you may discuss other things you see as important. Adopt a reasonably formal style and structure for your report. Include an introduction and conclusions and recommendations. You do not need to look at an entire company and all its areas of operation but instead may decide to focus on a particular business unit or operation. For example- if you choose a large international company – but have access to only one part of the organisation – its fine (how quality is managed or its layout).

Operations Strategy

Discuss the operations strategy of your chosen organisation. Does your chosen organisation have a clear operations strategy? How does the operations strategy support or complement the business strategy? How has the operation strategy developed and changed in recent years? If the organisation doesn’t have an operations strategy can you help them broadly define an operations strategy or give them guidance on what they should do to develop one?

Product & Service Design

Discuss the products and services offered by your chosen organisation. Do they target the same markets or do they have different offerings catering to different markets? What operations challenges does the product/service mix pose? How good is the organisation at developing products and services? If appropriate discuss the product or service design process. Who else is involved in product and service design (e.g. suppliers, customers, retailers)? Do they measure the impact of design and new product development?

Process Design

Discuss the processes within your chosen organization. Consider whether or not alternative approaches might lead to improvements in the performance of the organisation. Elaborate on the layout of retail outlets or manufacturing facilities belonging to the organisation? How would you go about helping the organization to make improvements? Can you comment on the use of technology?

Planning & Control

Identify the types of short and long term planning that are carried out in the organisation. How appropriate is their approach to forecasting? How could they improve? Critically discuss the organisation’s approaches to capacity management. How does the organisation cope with fluctuations in demand? What alternatives might be open to them? Is technology used to support these activities? Do you think there is adequate feedback and control?

Innovation and improvement

Does the company encourage innovation? If yes, how? Is innovation something that is managed? Outline some of the ideas for improvement that you would recommend as being appropriate for your organisation and explain how they could be implemented. Would you say the organisation is lean?

Quality Management

Discuss the costs of quality as they apply in your chosen organisation. How are quality problems diagnosed? How could the company improve their approach to quality management? Does the organisation have a formal quality system? Would this be appropriate?

Supply Chain

Outline the supply chain of the organisation (or part of it), including purchasing, physical distribution management and materials management. How is IT used to supply chain management? Outline how the supply chain might be improved.

  • Assignment evaluation outline:

Written Report-

  • Overall Structure and Organization (Maximum marks: 8) – Major ideas are clear & well organized, Assignment parts create a unified whole, includes summary/ conclusion, appropriately formatted, attempt for creativity in collection & compiling of information.
  • Content (Maximum marks: 42)-

Introduction clarifies objectives and goals, thoughtful,& thorough research, Operations of the organization thoroughly discussed, Strengths & constraints clearly explained, logical recommendations made for improvement, Report is professional and appropriate to college-level research.

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