Organization Project-4: Leadership, Communications, and Teams

Research your chosen company (Nucor). Find a minimum of one library source, which will support your thesis in this assignment. Rview your assigned weekly lecture and text reading. Select from this reading 3-5 key concepts, which will also support your thesis. In atwo to three page paper, address the questions below. Your paper should follow APA format including a title and reference page. The two to three page paper length requirement does Not include the title page and reference page.

1.Describe both the formal and informal commuinication methods within the organization.

2.Address whether or not the organization uses effective communication techniwues.

3.Evaluate the role culture plays in both the formal and informal methods of communication.

4.Make recommendations for improvement for both informal and formal communications.

5.Describe how the organization usses teams.

6.Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of the use of teams based on the model of team effectiveness describe by Daft. (Productive output, personal satisfaction, and capacity)


3-5 key concepts to use (leadership, communications, and teams)

Two to three papers

Nucor the company

This paper is due Sunday April 13

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