organizational change and the role creative leadership plays

The final paper for the course is designed as an opportunity to integrate the theories explored in this course with those from other coursework or interest areas. You will select a particular leadership theory and creativity theory to be critically analyzed in conjunction with another theoretical frame (e.g., college student retention, accountability, organizational theory, or organizational change). The second frame can come from any coursework relevant to your interests. You are encouraged to select a framework that aligns with your dissertation/capstone research or will help you refine your research interests. A critical analysis of a body of theory will necessarily include additional literature related to the selected theories that are not part of the readings for this course. You should plan ahead to gather literature related to both theoretical frameworks that will be sufficiently focused to permit you to conduct an indepth analysis of these theories. The analysis should include a discussion of the comparison between the three theories, their compatibility (can they be used together to help address issues), and their applicability to practice. Further, you should utilize the leadership and creativity frameworks and contexts discussion from the beginning of the course to critically examine how these theories can be 4 considered in the abstract and applied to practice. The final project should be no more than fifteen (15) pages in length

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