Organizational Change Discussion



This midterm exam covers course materials from Chapters 1 through 5 in our textbook (corresponding with the related course modules).

Q1. Provide an example of a situation where someone practices giving voice to values. (Ch. 2)

Q2. The organizational frameworks or models presented in Chapter 3 were focused on helping change leaders understand how to make changes, deciding what needs to be changed and organizational dynamics affecting change. Describe one of the following frameworks that one can use to analyze organizational dynamics:

Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence Model
Sterman’s Systems Dynamic Model
Quinn’s Competing Values Model
Greiner’s Phases of Organizational Growth Model
Stacey’s Complexity Theory (Ch. 3)

Q3. What are formal or complex organizations and why do societies need them? (Ch. 1)

Q4. Describe what the five PESTE factors are and give an example of each one and how each might affect organizational change (OC) within an organization you are aware of or might want to work for? (Ch. 1)


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