Organizational Functions Discussion





In about 100 words – Think about your work interests and experiences. Summarize what you have learned about your own work interests and how they match with your experiences and goals for your career path. List your interest(s) such as where might you want to work based on culture fit, in what industry, and describe current experiences and accomplishments that you have gained that fit with your career choice. If you are already well established on your career path, discuss your current workplace fit and your experiences/accomplishments that will help you stay successful on your journey.


In 100-200 words – Now list at least 3 things that you will work on to build more skills and experiences necessary for career growth. What accomplishments might you still need to further your career into a position that you would like to attain? How might you network to create new opportunities?


In 100-200 words – And finally, contemplate the future workplace based on what you have learned about society and how it continues to change and shape what work may look like in the future. What do you think you should be prepared for and what might be required of you as a worker based on possible social changes in the future (think about large-scale changes in global workforce, population, technology, and growing industries for example).

Conclude with any major realizations you have about work and the workplace.


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