Organizational Leadership Key Assignment Outline

Assignment 1–Due Monday Oct 31.    2000-3500 words


Assignment Deliverables:

  1. Update your Key Assignment document title page with a new date
  2. Update previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback
  3. Complete New Content below, and copy it under the sections in Key Assignment document called Stakeholder Management Plan and “Communications Management Plan”

New Content

  1. Stakeholder Management Plan 
    1. Identify desired and current engagement levels of key stakeholders
    2. Identify interrelationships and potential overlap between stakeholders
    3. Identify at least 5 strategies you can use to engage your stakeholders
    4. Develop a Stakeholder Management Plan that utilizes your identified strategies to achieve your desired level of stakeholders’ engagement
    5. Describe how the information you have included in your Stakeholder Management Plan will help you manage to achieve your desired level of stakeholders’ engagement
  2. Communications Management Plan
    1. Identify which types of communication (such as regularly scheduled meetings, shared media such as SharePoint, email, social media, hardcopy reports, etc.) you will use to communicate project status. Be specific on timeframes, the types of information that will be shared, and the level of detail that will be shared with these tools
    2. Next, discuss which stakeholder groups will receive the specific types of communication you have identified. This can be done via a matrix or a table by listing stakeholders in the left column, the types of communications along the top, and an “x” in the cells where a specific stakeholder group should receive a particular type of communication
    3. Layout an authorization plan and who will need to sign-off on specific communications or moving to the next phase in the project.
    4. Include samples of some of the reports or canned communications that will be sent

Assignment 2–Due Mon Nov 7


In the previous weeks, you selected an organization to develop your Key Assignment around. In week 1, you assessed the organizational structure and took a personality assessment. In week 2, you analyzed your own strengths and weaknesses as an effective project leader and developed an action plan for the weaknesses. In week 3, you performed an impact analysis of implementing your project and developed strategies for involving the stakeholders in its implementation. In week 4, you created the motivation campaign and a detailed communication and approval plan.

Even with the best motivational campaigns and a well-developed and executed communications management plan, conflict among team members and project stakeholders in general can arise. You have one more tool and technique available to help you resolve conflicts because a given conflict can impact your project outcomes in a positive manner. This tool is negotiating. In the final week, you are revising the Key Assignment draft document based on feedback from your instructor and peer. Under the last section, not yet filled in, you will be developing a very detailed Negotiation Strategy and Plan for unforeseen conflicts that were not resolved during the initial Stakeholder Analysis.


The overall project deliverables are as follows:

  1. Update previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback
  2. Complete New Content below and copy it under the section in Key Assignment Document called “Negotiation Strategy and Plan”
    • New Content
      • Negotiation Strategy & Plan
        • Identify at least 5 potential situations or risk areas where negotiation may be required such as conflict resolution
        • Identify some of the negotiation techniques and strategies that could prove to be useful for each of these risk areas. Explain why
        • Identify the steps including preparation for and closure at the end of the negotiation process
        • Identify who will have the final decision-making authority in the negotiation session
        • Describe the negotiation process flow (you may use a narrative description or a diagram with explanation)
  3. Complete your Abstract (i.e., Section ii)


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