Pace University Intro Sociology Theories of Global Inequality Discussion




There are two parts

1. the first part is to clarify your thought about question,(no less than 200 words) Read the article I uploaded and watch the link Lecture on theories of global inequality. Consider all of them and then tell me which one of them you find most useful in addressing global inequality. In addition, which one of them do you see as most ethnocentric? Explain.

2.Here is the second part which you need to make a comment about the others thoughts.(no less than 125 words)

Here is the others’ response:

In my opinion, the dependency theories are most useful in addressing global inequality. When considering various countries’ place on the scale of economic stratification, it is clear how hierarchies are established: through exploitation of goods and services. Once these economic and social relationships between countries are put in place, it is very hard to undo them. This can also be thought of on a smaller scale in terms of one person’s social mobility. In America, once you are born into a certain class, it is very hard to move upward, because the systems put in place inhibit upward mobility. The same goes for dependent nations that are locked into this system of exploitation and poverty. As stated in the powerpoint, this system functions due to residual effects of colonialism and the hierarchies that were established from it. In terms of ethnocentrism, I think that the market-oriented theory is the most ethnocentric (and also reminds me the most of America’s unfettered capitalism). Market-oriented theories definitely work in favor of core nations who are able to gain so much power and wealth because of free markets and freedom from governmental regulation. These theories also operate on systems of oppression, so those subordinate nations would probably not support them. Those nations on the upper-hand, however, would of course support these systems because the standards of it are beneficial to them and not others.


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