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Expatriate Package

Imagine that you are the HR manager of an organization that has overseas locations. You are

going to send an employee on an overseas assignment. Chose a country in which either you or a

member of your team has a Significant interest. Next, chose a specific city within that country.

Your team’s job, functioning as the HR department of a MNE, is to prepare an expatriate

orientation booklet for this employee who will be going to your organization’s international

facility in the city you have chosen. Your employee will be going with a spouse and two school

age children.

Page 1 of the project sets the stage by introducing important people such as the HR manager;

your organization; and the new assignment in a

cover letter

. – a full draft of this cover letter is

due Week 3 before midnight.

Research & investigate what information this employee and family will need to know about the

country, city and assignment. Create the orientation booklet, including both general information

about the particular country and city you have chosen as well as specific HR information (e.g.,

compensation package, relocation allowances, spousal/family assistance, cultural and/or

language training, benefits, tax offsets, etc.). You may wish to include sections on topics like:

passports and visas, geography, transportation, maps, economy, banking and currency, political

history and current issues, religions and religious freedoms, shopping, restaurants, culture and

holidays, business etiquette, professional societies, important contacts, laws, police, fire and

security, medical treatment facilities, doctors/dentists, housing, utilities, communications,

schools and daycare, including uplinks and references for those wishing more in-depth

information. Please include relevant pictures as pictures are worth a thousand word

All I need is
“topics are Compensation, Taxes,Location, History, Economy, and Laws”
there is a sample in attach.

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