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The Passage-Based Paper By asking you to choose a single passage from a longer reading, this assignment demands that you slow down and pay attention to how you make sense of the passage, how you read it. Pas- sage-based papers offer you the opportunity to experience the connections between the interpretive practices of reading and writing as you make your reading visible through the act of writing. Here is how you would do this:

1. Choose a short passage (3-5 sentences) from the text you are reading and write a 1-2 page passage-based paper on this excerpt.

2. Transcribe the passage onto the top of the page (including the page number from which the passage is taken) and then “unpack” the passage, paying close attention to the textual ele- ments including the passage’s language, tone, and construction.

3. Once you have examined the passage closely, conclude your paper by connecting this passage to the rest of the work. In other words, once you have completed a close, textual analysis of your passage, contemplate the meaning of the passage and its place in or contribution to the meaning(s) of the text as a whole.

There is an example in page 3,4 and 5 how to do it make it understandable for an ESL student please.

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