Patient Education

The first step to providing patient education is understanding their cultural backgrounds. Patient centered-care include culturally appropriate education (APA., 2009). Educations should be done in the language they most understand with minimum use of medical jargon. Secondly, the nurse should understand the patient’s family background. Members of the family should be included during patient education as they provide support during the recuperation process.

The third consideration to make is in regard to what the patient and his family members already know about management of the disease. Including members of the family in patient education increase the chances that it will be followed (Haley et al., 2017). While it is not necessary to repeat what the patient already knows, confirmations should be done to ensure their knowledge is accurate.

The use of visual aids is also necessary during the education of this patient. Charts, pictures, PowerPoint and even videos if possible should be included in the education. The nurse should take advantage of technology and provide videos and other material to reinforce the teaching (APA., 2009). Moreover, the nurse can demonstrate certain procedures using available items and other people available.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Patient Education

To evaluate the effectiveness of the education in the scenario, several methods can be used. First, the nurse should ask the patient to restate the instructions given (Haley et al., 2017). For example, the patient can be asked to restate the drug regime in their own words. The patients should also be presented with questions to help identify areas where reinforcement teaching may be needed.

The nurse should also evaluate the patient and his family for attitude towards the teachings provided. To evaluate for attitude, the nurse should ask the patient and his family how they are going to incorporate the information in their daily routines (Haley et al., 2017). For example, one can ask the patient how they will incorporate their drug taking regime in their daily schedules.

The last method of evaluation will involve looking at the outcomes of the education provided. During clinical visits, the nurse will ask whether the patient has been able to follow the education provided (APA., 2009). Also, the outcomes of treatment including the effectiveness of management of the condition will be examined.

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