Performance Improvement Plan

 Performance Improvement programs and effective project management require an understanding of the four phases of the project life-cycle: initiation, planning, execution/implementation, and closure. It is important to have each phase of the project mapped on a timeline and to be sure the project team has the appropriate members with the right skills to ensure a successful program. Using a case study from the text, students will demonstrate their ability to review and evaluate a performance improvement program by arranging the information provided into a timeline and devising a team with the appropriate skills and knowledge to work the plan.


  • Read Chapter 18 in the text, and focus your assignment on the Case Study on pages 461-462.
  • Answer the following questions based on the case study:
    • Draft a timeline showing the major phases of the project cycle (see Figure 18.1) and the key tasks for each phase.
    • Develop a team of up to seven representatives from different departments to serve on a multidisciplinary project team. Construct a list of the types of individuals you would want to serve on this project team.
    • What departmental areas of the healthcare organization should be represented on the team?
    • What specific skills, knowledge, and expertise should team members possess?
  • Your submission should include your timeline (use the Gantt chart in Figure 18.3 as a guide), as well as a minimum of 2 additional pages that answers questions 2, 3 and 4.
  • Please prepare the paper in APA style, including cover and reference pages, with an introduction and conclusion.
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