Personality Clocking Essay




Practice “clocking” people throughout the week.

Compose a Personality Profile and submit it in the drop box by Sunday

This week’s profile should be on a person you observed and “clocked”.

It should have the following format:

Identifying Information:  (This includes Examiner’s Name, Date of Assessment, and Assessment Tool: Personality Clock)

Observations:  A description of the body type of your subject.

Results:  (Simply the score the person obtained.  Ex. 11:00)

(The meaning of the score. Ex.  A score of 11:00 is associated with both Fire and Air Personality Types with a greater emphasis on A qualities.  These include….)

Profile:  This is more than a restatement of the Results.  This is putting it all together.  This will be your most challenging section and you’ll be practicing it throughout the next several weeks.

This week, start by stating the person’s strengths.  In what situations do they thrive in ?  In what areas do they excel in?  Try not to use the same words as the Results.  If the Results state a Fire Personality Type tends to easily lose their temper.  In the Profile we say, “This person is most likely to stand up for themselves and assert their beliefs and opinions.”  This is their strength.  If the Results state a Fire Personality Type tends to be controlling, the Profile says, “This person has strong leadership tendencies.”  This is an area they excel in.

Give me that much for this week’s Profile section.

PS. Review the document Ancient Greek Theory.  Then when you are ready to compose your profile, read the document The Four Basic Personality Types.  Notice at 12:00 one document calls the type The Leader type, while the other document calls this type the Fire type.  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU CALL IT.  As long as you understand someone who is ‘clocked’ at 12:00 (highly developed skeletal/musculature) will correspond to a certain set of traits that are common to 12:00 types.


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