PICOT Project part 3 of 3

5) Summary/synthesis

Synthesize and summarize the research findings from all studies that were critiqued. Describe what is presently known and not known scientifically in the field you are studying (the current knowledge base). Be concise and identify gaps in literature with future research goals

6) Clinical Recommendations

Current use of findings in clinical practice
How practice needs to be changed to become an evidence-based practice

7) Format- APA 6th Edition for every component of the paper such as, references, writing style, sentence structure, punctuation, typed, 1″ margins, double spaced, maximum 10 pages (excluding abstract, table and references). NO MORE THAN 10 PAGES. PAPER WILL NOT BE READ BEYOND 10 PAGES

8) Include at the end of your paper your literature review summary table and all references formatted in correct APA style

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