please revise a 7 page research paper about drug abuse in urban cities and write three more pages

For your paper, select one City (Shanghai) and focus on one particular urban problem (Drug abuse) and compare the situation to that in New York City with the overall goal to show what both cities can learn from each other in ways to alleviate or overcome such problems. To properly structure your paper, address the following issues:

– Write a concise introduction that identifies the urban problem of your choice and why addressing it is an important task (–> generate interest!)

– Describe the nature and extent of this problem in comparative perspective comparing the situation in New York City with that in the city of your choice (–> establish a basis and rationale for the comparison)

– Delineate the main similarities and differences between the cities and what they imply for potential solutions for such problems; (–> provide an analysis and link to solutions!)

– Outline possible solutions to the urban problem you have presented; (–> move from theory to action!)

– Conclude by stating what both cities can learn from one another (–> lead out of the topic)

The paper (written portion) should be at least 10 pages in length, excluding bibliography, images, and title page;

The paper should be evenly spaced (1 1/2) with one inch margins and should contain page numbers;

The paper should be in Chicago format style.

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