presentation and paper

part 1


Presentation about technology 


Create a presentation for your speech. Include the Topic, General purpose, Specific purpose, central idea, Intro, main points (3), sub points (2 per main), support (1 per sub) and conclusion.





 part 2

Write a paper analyzing your own presentation on a previously assigned topic.

Include discussion on the following:

·       your choice of topic, purpose, and intended audience

·       your research sources

·       the flow of your outline

·       the appropriateness and effectiveness of your visual aids

·    Critique the effectiveness of your presentation:

·       Did you get your message across?

·       Was the audience moved or swayed by your conclusion?

·    Determine the ease or difficulty you had with each part of the preparation process:

·       choosing a topic

·       researching,

·       finding/creating visual aids

·       outlining

·       drafting

·       presenting orally

· How you would improve your presentation next time?

Conclude with a checklist of things to remember for the future when developing written or oral presentation material.

Use APA format, including title page, abstract, 12 point font, TNR, and a reference list page.

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