You are to assume the role of the Public Relations Manager in an existing organization i.e. DKNY, Pepsi, Red Cross, Nike, Nokia, Rolex.


Prepare a News Kit (AKA Press Kit) for that organization. The content of the News release is to be fiction. Be reasonable. Be creative!


The most common type of release is an announcement.  Other ideas include

support of a social cause, new products or uses, endorsements, event sponsorship, packaging/logo changes, new slogan,  company name changes.


The “Lead”, which answers the questions Who, What, When, Where, Why and sometimes How, should be at the beginning of the release—1st paragraph.


Include facts about the product/service, specifications, shipping dates, availability

price and other information to “fill” your release.



  • 400-500 words ( Exclusive of Headlines, Contact Info .and Boilerplate)
  • 1-1 ½ inch margins (on finished page)
  • 12 point font
  • double spaced
  • contact info-(top of 1st page) name, address, tel. #, e-mail of release writer
  • release date and place
  • slug lines (see notes)
  • headlines
  • boilerplate-(see notes) may be “cut and paste” from company’s website


Grammar, spelling and typing must be perfect!  Use “News Style” of writing (p314). Other than the boilerplate , do not “cut and paste” from the company’s website for the News Release.


Your grade will be reduced for each incident in which you do not adhere to the requirements stated here and in your text. Plagiarism = Failing Grade


For sample releases, refer to chapter 15.  You will also find releases on corporate web sites.


In addition to the News Release, please include four other components of a Media Kit (Press Kit).  You can include a backgrounder, biography, fact sheet, Q&A, photo, or something else to help get your news “covered”. Refer to chapter 16 for Media Kit components. All of these components for your kit can be found on your chosen organization’s website.


This assignment is worth 20 points of your Final grade. NO LATE assignments will be accepted.  See Course Schedule for DUE DATE.

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