produce a virtual premium british columbia table wine

About 1500, Double spaced – 12 point, including site selection, varietal selection, viticultural practices, vinification decisions, and packaging options.

Additional Information and Helpful Hints

The purpose of this assignment is to give the student the chance to demonstrate their understanding of the variables, choices and options to be considered when producing a quality BC wine all the way from site selection to bottling. You can make the assumption that the land you want is available, you have a generous budget and that growing conditions are average for the region selected.

Consider the following:

1. Exactly where you would plant the grapes (be as specific as possible – not just “Naramata Bench” for example). If the parcel of land you choose already is under vine, that’s OK. 1 mark

2. Why that location? Support your reasoning. Not just “because the soil there is good”. Tell us why this is a good site for what you want to grow.3 marks Hint: Use of the “Grape Atlas of Suitable Growing Regions” is a must here.

(There are copies of the Atlas in both Penticton and Kelowna campus library for viewing)

The following supporting data are to be expected: GDDgrowing degree days, solar radiation, precipitation, vineyard orientation, elevation and effect of the large body of water.

3. What variety would you grow on that site and why, what kind of viticultural practices would you use and why? Again be specific, not “because I like to drink Gewurztraminer”. Hint: What kind of trellising, pruning, canopy management, pest management, irrigation etc. techniques appropriate for your variety and site would you use? www.bcwgc.orgis a good reference. 6 marks

4. When would you harvest it (i.e. what are your harvest criteria) and why? Given average growing conditions of course. 3 marks

5. How would you treat crush and ferment it?

Hint: Consider the steps of red or white wine making, type of equipment, yeasts, clarifying, barrel ageing etc.6 marks

7. How would you package it and when would you release it on the market? Packaging a wine also includes bottle used, type of closure and capsule, Appellation and Government mandated information on label. 2 marks

8. What price would you sell it at and why? A complete budget analysis is NOT necessary here. Hint: Consider other similar wine price points and where your product fits in.1 mark

9. Inclusion of references used to support your decisions. Books, journal articles, websites and personal interviews with resource people should be listed. No special format required, just verifiable. 3 marks

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