Product Positioning and Pricing Decisions Essay





  • What elements are involved in the advertising component of integrated marketing communications? Explain how each of these concepts are relevant to either the success or failure of the advertising endeavors for the company you selected for your group project


  • Differentiate between family brand, brand extension, and flanker brand. In what ways are they similar, and in what ways are they different in terms of their purposes. Provide at least one example of how the company you selected uses at least one of these types of brands.



  • An attitude consists of three components. Name and describe each component. Then provide an example of how a company use one or more components in their advertising when targeting consumers


  • Explain what product positioning is, and what product positioning strategies can a company use for its Brand? Provide at least one example of how the company you selected utilizes the concept of product positioning.



  • Explain the concept of the means-end chain. Identify this process with your company you selected for the group project or the small business venture you selected during the first two weeks of your class discussion. Be sure to provide a good example.



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