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Task Assignment:

This task emphasizes organization, development, and context in conveying a message to an intended audience.

In 3 5 paragraphs (minimum of 400 words), you will write a Problem/Solution Essay to an intended audience.  To complete this task, follow these steps:

In your essay, define a problem that affects your local or extended community, and then propose a realistic, rational solution to this problem.

The problem might relate to family, work colleagues, or any other social group you find interesting or important. Please note that this problem should affect more than two people. For example, interpersonal disagreements between two people will not work well for this assignment.

  • Your first paragraph will introduce a specific problem within your defined local or extended community. Your thesis statement should reflect both the problem and your proposed solution.
  • Your body paragraphs will develop the thesis statement you conveyed in your introduction. You should have at least one body paragraph that provides the reader with details related to the problem and at least one body paragraph that provides specific solution to address the problem.
  • Your conclusion paragraph may review the thesis statement and supporting points and/or make a final pitch to convince the reader why your proposed solution is possible.
  • Sources are considered optional, but if you used, must be cited using APA format.
  • Use basic APA format: Use 1” margins, double space uniformly, indent paragraphs, and use font 12 point Times New Roman font.
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