PSYC 114 UCSD Alzheimers Questionnaire




For this post, please indicate if you are doing any of the things that Schaie recommends in his article to prevent cognitive decline (from the class activity for this week). Do you anticipate doing any of these things in the future? For example: intellectually stimulating activities, exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease, etc.

For this assignment, you are to come up with 10-12 questions that reflect a unifying theme related to one of the chapters in our textbook that you will ask your interviewee when you conduct your Older Adult Interview (see syllabus for more information).

-Include the Chapter # and Title to which your questions are related.

-Number your questions and include follow-up questions for each main question as needed.

-Submit your list of questions here by the due date listed in the syllabus for this assignment.

For example, if you were writing about Aging and Physical Activity, here are some questions you may ask your interviewee:

What types of exercise do you perform throughout the week?

How many hours per day do you find yourself to be sedentary?

In your opinion, how important is physical activity and exercise at your age? What makes these activities so important?

Do you have to keep altering your exercise routine as you get older? Can you provide an example of this?

What do you think would change in your everyday life if you did not remain active at an older age?

Overall, what does good health mean to you?


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