Psychology 382 CSN Design Interventions in Japanese Train Stations Discussion




I HAVE PROVIDED THE PDF OF THE TEMPLATE WITH THE EXAMPLES ON THERE. Your goal is to demonstrate understanding of behavioral problems encountered in the real
world and Human Factors interventions used to drive behavior towards an intended outcome.
Please use the template provided on Page 2 of this document to author a two-page summary
analysis (note: the total length is flexible, being concise is preferred). Red text is used to provide
sample content – remember to replace the red sample text with your answers in normal black
text. Your objectives are to analyze three situations cited in the assigned article using following
1. Identify 3 original behavioral problems cited in the article.
2. Identify why the original (old) design needs to be improved.
3. Describe how the new “intervention” described in the article worked and supporting
Human Factors principles you learned from class.




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