Psychology Essay





Before you begin this assignment, review the evaluation rubric.

Interview two professionals who hold a minimum of a graduate degree within the field (career path) you are pursuing now (i.e., physical therapy, Athletic Training, Collegiate Or Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physical Education Teacher Etc.,). Create interview questions that will determine:

  1. Their philosophy of assessment and the professional practices they use to evaluate their patients, clients, students, athletes etc.
  2. Which developmental domains they assess (i.e., motor, physical, affective/social, & cognitive) and, the reason(s) they conduct assessments or do not conduct assessments of individuals in each of the four domains discussed within the course text and other material this term.
  3. What actions they take after they collect the assessment measurements and how often they conduct assessments during their meetings with patients, clients, athletes, students etc.

Once you have completed the interviews, prepare a 3-page “summary” report of what the interviews revealed to you about how these professionals viewed each domain of development.  Do not include every direct quote you received during the interviews. Did they view the domains equally in importance?  Which domains did they deem less important than others?  Since we know that all domains are interrelated, what justification did the interviewees provide you with for not conducting assessments in each domain?  Discuss your opinion about what you learned from these interviews.  Briefly, discuss your views about considering the holistic aspects (cognitive, affective, motor & physical) of human motor development after completing this course.

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