Psychology Project Discussion




Psychological Disorders Writing Assignment

Practical Application Paper:

For this assignment, find a movie or television that depicts a person with a mental illness in the DSM-V. You will then research the disorder and write a 500 word APA-style

paper describing the scene(s) portraying the mental illness and addressing whether it is portrayed accurately or inaccurately, You must support your conclusions with

research about the disorder for at least three academic references. This assignment is not designed to stereotype people with disorders, but rather for you to consider how

accurately disorders are represented in popular media. You cannot use an example that was also used in the Psychological Disorders lecture slides. It is your

responsibility to know what these examples are and ensure you do not use one for your assignment. Your paper should include the following components:

An introdultion describing the media example you selected.

a. Explain the show/movie with enough detail so that the intended reader can understand even if they have never seen the example

b. If you choose a television show, you may describe a single episode rather than the entire series.

2. Provide three pieces of evidence of the show portraying symptoms/behaviors of the disorder, using at least one academic source to support each piece of


a. Explain the scene portraying the behavior and explain whether it is an accurate or inaccurate portrayal of the disorder based on your research

b. Be detailed. You want your reader to be able to see exactly why this character has or does not have this disorder. Include the information you used

to make your determination.

3. Include a references page with your three references listed at the end of your paper.

a. Include at least three references

. References must be in APA format

c. Acceptable sources include your textbook, journal articles, and reputable, factual online sources.

d. Please see “How Do I Know If a Source is Credible?” (below) and ask your instructor if you are unsure if a source is acceptable.

4. Properly format and present your ideas.

Paper is formatted in APA style, double-spaced 12pt Times New Roman (or similar) font

b. Paper is between 500 and 750 words.

c. Paper is free of serious grammatical errors and/or repeated typos

Ban list, You can not use this movies or tv shows

Fight Club (1999)

Memento (2000)

Shutter Island (2010)

Split (2016)

Glass (2019)

Joker (2019)

TV Series:

You (Netflix)

Dexter (Showtime)


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