Psychology Worksheet




Students should use the attached Treatment example as a guide to complete a treatment plan with SMART goals with a client at thier agency. If the agency utilizes its own treatment plan form, the student must provide and obtain approval of that form from the field instructor no later than 3 weeks prior to submission in order to submit it for the assignment in lieu of the attached treatment plan format.

A Process Recording in social work education is a written format designed to provide a structure for the student to become aware of and gain a greater understanding of themselves in the process of engagement, assessment, and intervention with an individual client/constituent. A process recording in this context is a detailed word for word exchange between the student and the client. As a reflective practice learning tool the process recording assists the student in assessing the degree to which they are applying generalist level knowledge, values, and skills during their interpersonal interactions with clients. Process recordings are integrative and holistic assignments in that they incorporate the skills, theories and interventions learned in other social work courses, particularly direct practice courses.

Your Process Recording must include the seven main sections common to most process recording assignments. Student must use the Process Recording Template (available in D2L). Process Recordings not submitted in the required template will be graded as unsatisfactory. Students must also have their agency based Field Supervisor or Task Preceptor review, provide written feedback, and sign the Process Recording prior to submitting via D2L (original digital/electronic signatures are acceptable). This means that students must plan ahead to ensure that their Field Supervisor has an opportunity to review and sign the process recording BEFORE the due date.

Section 1- Purpose of the Session

Section 2- Observation

Section 3- Content

Section 4- Impressions/Assessments

Section 5- Use of Professional Self

Section 6- Plans

Section 7- Issues, Questions, and Problems


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