PU One Physical Bad Ad Analysis Worksheet




You need to share a picture, screen capture, or a video you took. That means you cannot search for good/bad examples on a search engine and post them as yours. Posting non-original content will be considered cheating. Pictures must be JPG, PNG, or TIFF. Videos must be MP4. Any other format = 0 in the assignment.

Both ads must be part of 1 post – otherwise, you will receive half the credit.

The maximum number of words for the full post is 700. You will lose 1 point for every 10 words over 700.

Read the book section explaining this type of communication, then

  1. Explain why your examples fit the description of the book. You must quote the page of the book you refer to.

If you fail point 1 – you fail the whole assignment.

  1. When and where was the content acquired.
  2. In one sentence, explain what the campaign is about
  3. Evaluate the communication objective of the ad.
  4. Assess the target market, the communication targets, and how you arrived at that conclusion.
  5. Explain what is the unique selling proposition
  6. Tell your perspective about the company positioning
  7. Identify the type of creative appeal the company uses, and evaluate its appropriateness.
  8. Provide a general critique, including your perspective on the effectiveness.
  9. Provide recommendations on how this communication effort can be further improved.


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